Дидактичні технології формування полікультурності майбутнього фахівця





The article deals with a description of some key competencies, approaches,ways that are needed by a future specialist for his successful professional activityin policultural educational environment. The author underlines the importance ofrequirements that a future teacher should meet. They include languagecompetence, an ability to work in a team, corporate with colleagues, students andparents, develop new qualities, get a broader world outlook in a policulturalsociety. The teacher must be aware of how the study of the subject affectschildren development - socially, morally, intellectually, emotionally, culturally.In this regard, the development of the moral values of the future teachers involvesthe formation of his moral-oriented needs, the assimilation of universal values,focused on humanistic and democratic ideas.This process is associated with the formation of a multicultural worldview,which determines the organization of life and professional activity, in which theteacher must be open to the perception of cultures of other nations.The article discusses the possibilities of implementing policultural educationand training at the university in the process of preparing future specialists. Theimportance of policultural training in modern sociocultural conditions occupies adecisive place in European countries, it concentrates on a diverse range ofmanifestations of ethnic characteristics. Policulturalism focuses on the past andcurrent interactions and connections among different racial and ethnic groups, theirrelationships and collaboration.  Formation of polycultural competences of the future specialist in theprocess of professional training corresponds to modern tendencies and principlesof renewal of the educational process, modernization of higher education inUkraine, which is aimed to prepare specialists who are able to work on varioussocial processes in society, to show fully their creativity, who are ready forinternational cooperation in their professional sphere.

Policultural pedagogy can be considered one of the main tools forovercoming the crisis in education and training that promotes harmonization of therelations among different civilizations and cultures.Policultural education in higher education should be aimed at creatingconditions for overcoming barriers in communication and normal development ofstudents and learners from different ethnic and cultural groups, and establishinghumanitarian relations between them as an important condition for humanprogress.