Підготовка учителя до використання інноваційних технологій в освітньому процесі закладу середньої освіти


  • Ганна Харченко Житомирський обласний інститут післядипломної педагогічної освіти http://orcid.org/0000-0002-3083-2612




In the conditions of innovative development of education of Ukraine, the question of innovative readiness of teachers for pedagogical activity became aggravated. The analysis of the state of preparation of teachers for innovative activity allowed to conclude that modern realities require the application of innovative approaches, both to teacher training and to the essence of pedagogical activity, which manifests itself in different directions: internal and external diversification of secondary and high education.

Accordingly, the requirements for education are changing - it is becoming more flexible, accessible and applicable, focusing on how to teach to think, create, analyze, generate new ideas and find solutions. It is obvious that the transition to a new model of education eliminates the passive role of participants in the educational process.

The rapid pace of development of modern society, dynamism and continuous innovation processes lead to the fact that a high level of knowledge of the subject and mastery of its teaching methods can no longer fully characterize the current level of professional training of future teachers. Understanding these processes has led to the need to explore the main ways of training future teachers of technology of a qualitatively new type: teachers-creators, teachers-innovators, teachers-researchers, ready for creative pedagogical and technological activities, independent scientific research; capable of interprofessional communication, transdisciplinary synthesis of knowledge, combination of basic research with practical problem solving, self-development and self-improvement, real and virtual entry into professional work.

Innovative pedagogical activity of teachers wasconsidered in two aspects: the improvement of educational process, through development and realization of new educational programs, the development of new directions of activity and ideas, creation and implementation of innovative projects, the implementation of pedagogical innovations.