Художня освіта учнів у початковій школі Польщі





The article establishes that the problem of creativity development by means of artistic activity is relevant for almost all educational systems in the world. A comparative analysis of art education in Poland and Ukraine is made. Cultural and historical heritage, traditions and family upbringing became the basis for the beginning of art education in Polish school practice.

The purpose of primary education in Poland is the mental, aesthetic, physical and other development of children. Primary school is the first part of compulsory education, which lasts eight years and is divided into two stages: from 1st to 3rd grade remains integrated education, and from 4th to 8th – «block». Under the education reform, Polish schools were replaced by: an 8-year primary school, a 4-year secondary school, a 5-year technical secondary school, two-level industrial schools and secondary schools.

The strategic objectives of the development of education in Poland have been identified, namely: accessible education for all age groups; reduction of school age from seven to six years; formation of children's independence, curiosity and development of creativity and others. The curriculum in grades IV-VIII for primary schools in Poland on the weekly distribution of subjects is analyzed.

In accordance with the State Standard of Ukrainian Primary Education, art curricula were systematized, based on the principle of integration of education. The content line «Art» in Ukraine consists of music and fine arts.

The integrity and continuity of the process of art education of students provide various forms of learning. Polish teachers see them as an additional opportunity to deepen and improve the already acquired knowledge and skills in the framework of artistic creativity and purposeful pedagogical influence on the emotional sphere of children and its cultural and aesthetic enrichment.

The implementation of art education of primary school students is carried out using various forms, methods and tools aimed at improving the efficiency of the educational process.