Scientific articles received by the Editorial Board are submitted to review.

Type of articles review: internal; external.

Executive Editor specifies if the article corresponds to the scope of the journal and sends it to review to two researchers who have a degree of a D. of Sc. or Cand. of Sc. and specialize in the field close to the theme of the article.

The author of the article is not informed who the reviewers are as long as the reviewers are not informed who the author is. Double blind review is compulsory.

The criteria for qualification or rejection of scientific articles are provided publicly.

The period of the review is specified by Executive Editor who takes into account the necessity to provide conditions for publication of the article as soon as possible.

The review is to cover the following items:

  • — correspondence of the contents of the article to its title;
  • — correlation of the article with the achievements of modern scientific and theoretical thought;
  • — appropriateness of the article for readers in terms of language, style, material arrangement, clarity of tables, charts, drawings, etc.;
  • — necessity to publish the article in view of previously released literature on the subject;
  • — specification of positive aspects and shortcomings of the article, corrections and additions which are to be made by the author;
  • — absence of the borrowings from the works by other researchers without proper citation of the latter;
  • — conclusion about the possibility of publishing this manuscript in the journal: “recommended”, “recommended in view of correcting deficiencies stated by the reviewer” or “not recommended”.

Reviews are certified according to the procedure typical of the institution the reviewer works at.

The presence of positive reviews is not a sufficient reason for publishing the article. The final decision on whether the publication is accepted is taken by the Editorial Board.

After the Editorial Board’s decisions on admission of the article for publication Executive Secretary informs the author and indicates the date of publication.

The reviews are kept by the Editorial Board and Editor of the scientific journal.