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According to the 2001 census data, there are 49 thousand of Poles in Zhytomyr region, representing 3,5 % of the population. At all times Polish ethnic groups living in Ukraine tried to preserve their language, culture, and traditions. After the declaration of Ukrainian Independence Polish community of Zhytomyr region got an opportunity to take part in its public life, create Polish public organizations, including scientific, cultural and educational associations, and performance groups. Today Polish public organizations of Zhytomyr region represent more than 100 centres that deal with the preservation of Polish traditions and historical memory, the Polish language study and scientific research of Polish subject-matter. Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University belongs to one of these centres. In the 1990–1991 academic year teaching of the Polish language was renewed in the form of extracurricular classes, teaching staff and students enhanced scientific studies on Polish subject-matter. The Centre for Polish Studies was created in 2004. Thereafter, the “Ukrainian Polish Studies” journal was launched.The main goal of this annual periodical is to provide an opportunity for disseminating the results of Polish subject-matter researches, introducing them to national and Polish scholars and all other representatives of the Polish community, who take an interest in it.

Since Ukraine became independent, the contribution of Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University’s scholars has been enlarged by works of prof. Ivan Yarmoshyk and assoc. prof. Oleksandr Buravskyi in the history of Poland and Polish historiography and works of prof. Volodymyr Yershov in the Polish literature. Scientific researches of prof. Petro Saukh, prof. Mykola Kozlovets, prof. Oleksandra Dubaseniuk, prof. Nataliia Seiko, assoc. prof. Serhii Rudnytskyi, assoc. prof. Svitlana Koliadenko, assoc. prof. Liudmyla Yershova explore philosophical, political and pedagogical problems related both to Poland and Ukraine. The process of teaching Polish to Ukrainians is included in the focus of interest of assoc. prof. Nataliia Misiats, the author of the textbook “Polish Language for Ukrainians”. 16-17-century texts in the Polish language written in Ukraine are investigated by prof. Viktor Moisiienko and Olha Makarova; Polish folklore and Zhytomyr ethnography is of interest to assoc. prof. Snizhana Cherniuk and assoc. prof. Iryna Baladynska; faculty member and concertmaster Nataliia Travkina studies works of the Polish composer Juliusz Zarębski; assoc. prof. Maia Lutai examined archival documents on repressions among the Polish population of Zhytomyr. Altogether 5 doctoral and 4 candidate’s theses on Polish studies have been defended by the University’s researchers.

Since 2015 “Ukrainian Polish Studies” Journal has been published by Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University together with the University of Economy (WSG, Poland).

“Ukrainian Polish Studies” journal promotes dissemination of the results of these researches. It also includes articles that come from different regions of Ukraine and Poland, and it provides a scientific exchange.